Saturday, 18 April 2015

Woohoo !! Packt Publishing has published a book on troubleshooting PostgreSQL database.

(Baji is trying to impress 'X')
Baji: Packt Publishing has published a book on troubleshooting PostgreSQL database.
 _X_: Uh, so what(!?). It published other 4 PostgreSQL books this year !
Baji: yeah, I know !
 _X_: then why do you care about thisssss.
Baji: I should care about it as I was part of technical reviewing team.. :(
 _X_: Oh really !, thats fantastic.. Congratulations !

Note: Finally, Baji impressed _X_ :-)

Ok, in reality, I am glad to announce that "My first book as a Technical Reviewer has been published by Packt Publishing" ;-)

Author of this book is Hans-Jürgen Schönig, he has couple of other PostgreSQL Books as well.

This book is to provide a series of valuable troubleshooting solutions to database administrators responsible for maintaining a PostgreSQL database. It is aimed at PostgreSQL administrators who have developed an application with PostgreSQL, and need solutions to common administration problems they encounter when managing a database instance. So give a try ;-)

I would like to thank my loving parents for everything they did for me. Personal time always belongs to family, and I did this in my personal time.

I want to thank the Packt Publishing for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Sanchita Mandal and Paushali Desai for choosing me and working with me for this project.

Last but not least, would like to thanks Dinesh Kumar who taught me PostgreSQL and inspiring me for this. :)


  1. Many Many Hearty Congratulations Baji....

  2. AWesome! Who knew? Is this your secret identity? Congratulations...

  3. I just read the book and it is awesome, thank you for suggesting