Monday, 3 October 2016

A new book from Packt Publishing ! Guess what !

One of my dreams..!! .. not expected..!!.. too soon..!!
I am glad to announce that my first book(PostgreSQL Development Essentials) as an author has been published.
The purpose of this book is to teach database developers fundamental practices and techniques for programming database applications with PostgreSQL. It is targeted at Database developers using PostgreSQL who have basic experience developing database applications with the system, but want a deeper understanding of how to implement programmatic functions with PostgreSQL.
Thanks for Packt Publishing for giving me this opportunity. Special thanks to Izzat Contractor for choosing me and Dinesh Kumar for helping in writing. Thanks to Anish Sukumaran, Nitin Dasan, and Sunith Shetty for working with me.


  1. Congrats @Baji Shaik for the achievement, not all will get such opportunity. Thanks to God for giving you as my mentor (though for a short time). A long way to go... Expecting the next release soon :)

  2. Congrats...............

  3. Hello Baji,

    I'm actually reading you book and imo is a good book!
    I've an issue with MATERIALIZED VIEW and FOR UPDATE clause.
    When I try to create a MV with that clause, it gives me an error. Can't find documentation about that.
    Any idea?

    Thanks & congrats for the book :)

    1. Hi Fabrizio,

      My apologies for late reply.

      FOR UPDATE clause for Materialized views is not yet in PostgreSQL. Apologies for the information in the book. We will get that corrected in next prints. Thanks a lot for notifying us.

  4. PostGreSQL DBA is such a select skill set to have and makes one a rare find. If anyone reading this is looking to jump onto a PstGreSQL DBA project soon let me know I have one coming up and will go for about 8 + months. email me your resume and contact

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